Youtube Community tab To Grow Your Channel

Last updated May 27, 2021

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Youtube Community tab To Grow Your Channel

Do you know that posting on the Youtube Community tab can be a game-changer for growing your channel? Only uploading video content is not enough to boost your Youtube career. You also need a place where your followers can engage with and be a part of the channel.

If you are not familiar with this tab feature and don’t know what to post, read on to explore!

What Is The Community tab?

If you are a new Youtube creator, you might wonder: “What is the Community tab?”. It’s a new replacement for the Discussion tab. This feature allows Youtubers to interact with their viewers through media other than video format, such as a status update, image, video link, etc.

Youtube Community tab
Youtube Community tab

Interaction between the video creator and the audience is one of the main factors contributing to the channel’s success. Thus, building an interactive channel Community tab so that your devoted followers can reach out to you and update the channel activity is a must.

How Can You Get A Community tab?

How to get the Community tab on Youtube is also a commonly asked question of new creators. The only requirement to achieve this Youtube contact feature is that you will need at least 1,000 subscribers to your youtube channel.

After you reach this milestone, if it still hasn’t appeared; then ensure to enable the custom channel layout to see this feature report tab.

Keep in mind that every Youtuber has a different waiting time for the tab to show up on the channel. Some have to wait a few days; others get it after a couple of weeks. So be patient if you haven’t got your tab even after you already reached the 1,000-subscriber milestone.

Where Is The Youtube Community tab?

Another common question is: “Where is the Youtube Community tab?”. Once you’re eligible to get the tab, you can find it on the channel homepage, the next one to the right of the Playlists tab.

Unfortunately, the Community tab option won’t appear in the mobile devices browser, so you will need to use the official Youtube app. Once you open the app, visit the homepage of your favorite channel. You will find the tab at the same spot as the desktop version.

In this tab, new channel visitors can have access to the community of your loyal audience. They can find all of the recent posts, leave comments on their favorite videos and further engage with you.

10 Types Of Content To Post On The Youtube Community Tab

Do you know that a Youtube Community tab engagement can make a huge impact on your channel’s success if you harness its full potential? Here are some of the ideas for types of content you should post to enhance a focus on community development.

Declaration Of The Tab’s Objective

This is the first thing you should post once you obtain your Youtube channel Community tab. Having a post to inform the purposes of the tab helps first-time visitors better understand how to use it to reach out to you, making them feel closer to their favorite creator.

Photos & Boomerang Videos

This tab is remarkably similar to the Instagram, Facebook, or other social media feed pages, meaning it is a great place to post the daily picture or boomerang video. In this way, your subscribers can see and know more about your social activities and your life outside the videos.

Behind-The-Scenes (BTS) Footage

Have you ever watched a high-production music video and were curious about the making process? Your viewers might feel the same way about your work. With this exclusive content, you can show them the filming process, funny moments on set, your experience in video making, etc.

The posted footage gives people a better view of your personality and the creating process. It also gives them a sneak peek of your techniques and methods to create a popular video. 

Perhaps you can even inspire them to become Youtubers like you.

Newest Video Announcement

Did you just release your latest video content? Then make a post about it with the thumbnail image and share the custom URLs link on your Community tab to encourage your entire subscriber base to check it out.

Youtube Community tab
Post About Your Newly-Published Video

Occasionally, your viewers might miss your video in a sea of new video uploads on their Youtube feed. This post will be a friendly reminder to your captive audience to check out your video. It is also a great social media marketing strategy to increase the views of your videos.

Merch Promotion

After you gain a considerable number of channel subscribers, you might want to develop your own merch line to fortify your channel’s brand. It is an excellent way to show people your creativity and dedication to your Youtube career.

Post a casual update to the Community tab with a picture of your product and your sale website’s link so that viewers can see what you have to offer. Offering a discount is also another common tactic to catch their attention and boost sales that any marketers would recommend. 


One of the simplest ways to know what people want to see in your upcoming videos is to ask them about it. By doing so, you can give your initial audience exactly based on their feedback and make them feel like they are involved in your creating process.

Youtube Community tab
Use Polls To Know What People Want To See Next

This trick is extremely useful if you lack content ideas for your next video and crave inspiration. Now you won’t even have to worry about coming up with interesting ideas for future projects.

Sneak Peeks

If you have a big project coming out, it makes sense to share some sneak peeks to attract viewers’ attention to the project. With sneak peeks of the upcoming video, you can show some of the most interesting, funniest moments in your video to build anticipation.

Therefore, after waiting for a long time, the audience will immediately watch your video once it finally comes out. As you can see, this is an extremely effective video marketing strategy.

Shout Out Post

Every time you make a collaboration video with other creators, you can give a shout-out and tag them to draw viewers’ attention.

This helps you build connections with other famous content creators on the platform. 

Since subscribers of the other Youtubers are likely to see your post, you can drive more traffic to your homepage and expand your audience base.

Q&A Session

There is nothing that can increase your community interaction with the youtube audience as effectively as a classic Q&A session. This type of content allows visitors to ask as many questions as possible in the community comment section.

Youtube Community tab
Interact With The Audience Through The Q&A Session

By this means, you can engage with your audience and make them feel heard and cared about. Still, you do not have to answer every question; choose the most interesting or commonly asked ones.

Bottom Line

So there you have some ideas of the community posts on the Youtube Community tab to help you grow on Youtube as a video creator. As you can see, there are various ways to build a reliable community of viewers and motivate them to engage with your channel via this tab. Hope you find this article helpful. Remember that your audience is the most important factor determining your success on this social media platform, so don’t take them for granted.


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