15 things to keep in mind when making a YouTube Channel

Last updated December 29, 2020

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making a youtube channel

Youtube is the largest video social network today. Everyone can search for the video they want on youtube. Therefore, many people make money on this platform, many businesses use YouTube to promote their brand and to reach users faster (Also known as video marketing).

To do that, video content must be truly impressive and attract many viewers.

You know that,

But why your video does not attract the audience?

Let’s find out through this article.

1. Check the privacy settings again

It is a step that people often do not notice, especially those who just started a Youtube channel.

If you set up the unlisted mode or private mode, it means that viewers will not find your video. Therefore, please check the privacy settings for the video before you intend to post videos to Youtube for promoting the channel or product.

2. Videos do not appear in the first search results

Thousands of videos are uploaded every hour, so competition is not easy.

With a large number of videos today, it is difficult for your videos to appear in search results and get TOP rankings on Youtube. Failure to appear in search results rankings will cause you to lose a large amount of traffic, thereby affecting video views.

How to rank videos on youtube?

Optimize videos or Youtube Seo is what you should do.

making a youtube channel

First, you need to check the content of the video, need to follow the viewers’ requests for easier access. Next, create a list of keywords related to your video topic. Next, search and refine the keywords that have large searchers. Finally, optimize the title, description, tags of the video,…

If you do not know, find out more here.

3. Check all the information accompanying the video

When the video title informs the viewer, irrelevant accompanying information will make it difficult for them to return to your video. We need to use the description and design a thumbnail image that will appeal to the viewer. Make sure the content is related to the video and anyone can understand the video you upload.

Attention, optimizing the video needs to match the video topic because Google or Youtube will implement different algorithms to determine whether the video title and description match the video content.

4. Why they must watch your video?

You think your video will attract the audience, your video will get watch hour and you can make money on Youtube

Have you ever wondered if the video content you post will meet the needs of your viewers, in terms of information and entertainment like other videos?

What viewers can’t find in other videos, is it found in your videos? What is the value it brings to the viewer? Therefore, you need time to invest in content for the video to be able to convince viewers and bring more fresh information than what they want.

 5. Unique and attractive video content

Video content is very important. You want to advertise products, build brands, building attractive youtube content that will help reach customers faster and more effectively. People prefer to watch videos talking about the product rather than read the text.

making a youtube channel

Now that YouTube has changed its policy on how to make videos, YouTube only appreciates videos with quality content.

Viewers need to pay attention to the video content which is unique, meaningful but not offensive. 

That gives high retention Youtube view and helps Youtube evaluate your videos higher.

6. Upload videos to social networks

Have you ever thought about an effective location to share youtube videos?

In the era of technology 4.0, social networks are free to use more and more. The use of social networking sites to post videos is also one of the ways to increase the number of viewers selected by many YouTubers.

It can be said that social networking has become an indispensable spiritual dish, especially Facebook, Instagram, twitter. If posting videos on your website, add the share buttons to social networks besides the video. Meanwhile, when uploading videos to YouTube or other social networks, users will share directly from the site itself.

If you can encourage users to share and comment on video content through social networking sites, it is also one of the ways to promote the video and bring quality traffic.

making a youtube channel

7. Store videos on the web with no visitors

If you want to increase the view for the video, upload it somewhere that has a lot of traffic. The chance that viewers will find your video after being uploaded to Youtube may not be high. But if you upload videos in forums, blogs where users search for the topic which the video you are talking about. You will have more chances.

8. Nobody shares / embeds videos on their web

Think, do users share a silly video?

If your video is not compelling enough to attract viewers, it is difficult for others to share your videos on their blogs or website.

When viewers share videos, the number of views increases, which makes video content more accessible to viewers. Even for those who do not know your brand or product.

In short, the better content the video has, the more people will bring it to their website, thereby increasing the number of subscribers for the YouTube channel.

9. Forget to add the links related to the video

If your video has good content but you do not share videos, it also makes the number of views quite low.

You should add the relevant links for your videos, users who have watched and want to continue watching your other videos. Put the relevant links, users just click to get where they want to go.

making a youtube channel

Add the links related to the video

10. No loyal viewers

Building good relationships with loyal viewers will greatly increase the number of views. Many brands own videos that gain a lot of views and make a lot of money, by creating videos that appeal to users, helping users stay close to the brand of that product.

Many brands invest videos, not only promoting products but also making viewers like the product. The suggestion for you is to gather a team and build relationships with your viewers by listening to what they like. 

Then create the videos that exceed their expectations in the best way.

11. Video length

The advice is that the video length is not too short. According to statistics, long videos usually work better.

The long videos will be appreciated by Youtube and other websites. But it doesn’t mean viewers have time to watch videos that are too long. 

So be careful when choosing the video length depending on your purpose.

12. Upload time frame

Upload your videos in the hours when most people are online, anyone can watch your videos. So, it helps you reach a large audience and increase the number of views for your videos quickly.

13. Outdated content

To attract more views, you can create trending videos, follow news and entertainment websites to make videos that hit the user’s psychology when users are searching for hot issues.

However, to create good content, to attract users, some old information can still be used to attract viewers. A content suggestion is that you can use old issues to compare with new ones and arouse viewers’ curiosity.

You should find videos that contain your old information, do not delete them, create a few new videos, and mention these old videos to direct interested people to come back and increase views. Put links on new videos that contain information about old videos.

14. The video quality is not high

Everyone wants to watch videos with high resolution, sharp images. So use camcorders and editing tools to release high-resolution videos.

making a youtube channel

The audience likes to watching with HD videos

15. Create a playlist for videos

Assemble the videos with the same topic into a list, these videos may not be yours. Your video will be recommended thanks to the videos with many other views in the playlist. It is a way to bring more watch hours to your videos.

making a youtube channel

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