6 Effective Ways To Get More Trustpilot Reviews

Last updated November 19, 2023

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Is it necessary to get more Trustpilot reviews? It’s true because one or two reviews are insufficient to persuade customers. As good as businesses, they always need to have more and more positive reviews to expand their prestige.

If your business receives many 5-star reviews, you can attract a larger number of customers. You can purchase reviews on Trustpilot, add Trustpilot to your website, ask any customer, or follow up with emails to get reviews. Let’s start!

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Get more 5-star Trustpilot reviews

What Are Trustpilot Reviews? 

Trustpilot, founded in 2007 as a Danish company, is the world’s top independent review platform. By connecting businesses with millions of customers all over places, Trustpilot contributes to boosting the development of brands and creating a friendly space for all to share and study with one another. 

People can access and leave comments, reviews, or comparisons about businesses and brands regardless of background or location. In contrast, businesses can also use Trustpilot to collect customer reviews. Based on these reviews, they can quickly analyze consumer sentiment and conveniently manage them on their online channels.

Are Your Trustpilot Reviews Important?

Yes, you need to get more reviews on Trustpilot to increase their business’ reliability. Your store or website will likely become the next shopping place when new customers look at the positive reviews and be the only port for older customers. And there are reasons for Trustpilot’s importance: 

Social Proof

Many customers rely on public discussion to determine the brand’s dependability. Consumers will immediately pass these enterprises if the high discussed level comes with negative reviews. 

You’d better concentrate on social proof – the safe effect in numbers, which is helpful for online business because it is effective evidence for the customers’ support of a certain brand. You can make it a common decision to reinforce the purchase’s legitimacy. 

a man tell his friend to trust and recommended a business

Social evidence like Trustpilot will allow prospective shoppers to access and write reviews, boosting the business’s confidence. 

For unfavorable appreciations, you can openly respond and quickly resolve any issues the appreciators leave. This way will help you increase the integrity and validity of your business.

Symbiotic Advantages

Trustpilot brings the same advantages for both businesses and consumers. Customers get the necessary information and a safe feeling to shop, while businesses will benefit from the good feedback to raise their reputation on the market.

Reviews open the discourse for your business to access. It continues to rely on these databases; you can catch the customer sentiment to make useful improvements. As a result, the buyers tend to repeat purchases, even if they have met an initially unreliable company.

Organic Marketing

After having accumulated evaluations, it means that you have owned important information to optimize your marketing materials. Like testimonials, the reviews will impact less or more of your advertised content on the consumer.

Because the content is due to users’ creation, based on real and approachable language, it is easy to get center stage in digital marketing. Once you know what your customers are looking for, you will quickly have the right strategy to communicate your products.

Best Way To Spread The Word

You can thoroughly make use of those 5-star Trustpilot reviews by plastering them over your website.

How To Get More Trustpilot Reviews

You can increase Trustpilot reviews in many ways, such as by adding it to your site, following up emails/postcards, or sending review reminders to your customers. If you aren’t afraid of paying, you can directly buy them. 

Purchase Trustpilot Reviews

How to get more Trustpilot reviews in a short time is to buy them from a reputable site like EazyViral. Each 5-star positive review costs $7.8, cheaper than other websites (the most affordable price for each one is $10).

screenshot of "Buy Trustpilot Reviews" page on EazyViral with prices list with 1, 10, 50 and 100 positive reviews.
Buy Trustpilot reviews on EazyViral – Screenshot

With the 60-day guarantee, ensure that you’ll likely attract plenty of shoppers with excellent appreciation on your Trustpilot profile.

Paste Trustpilot All Over Your Website

Instead of spending money, you can embed Trustpilot on your website to receive more reviews. This free package allows your profile to be presented on Trustpilot and helps you collect organic reviews from customers. 

After consumers access TrustBox, they will be connected to your business page, on which they can write feedback.

Add Trustpilot To Email Templates

You can proactively remind your old customers who leave a review by attaching Trustpilot to email invitations. Let’s ask them about your service and express your care related to the contentment when buying on your website, along with words of encouragement for leaving a review. 

Ask In Person

Similar to sending email invitations, a more direct way is to ask your customers to write an appreciation on Trustpilot when they checked out. You can require them to tell you their shopping experience at your business with a desire to improve the service quality. 

Please do it even if you and the customer are in the order confirmation stage.

Use Automatic Ecommerce Integrations

It doesn’t take more time to write emails or ask customers, but you can still send review invitations. Everything takes place automatically, thanks to utilizing Trustpilot ecommerce integrations. 

These ecommerce integrations will directly connect with your business and invite automatically with each customer order. It also labels “Verified” after collecting reviews.

Attach a Postcard to Each Package

In addition to the bills, you’d better involve a postcard in your packages. We recommend you use beautiful postcards with invitations for customers to leave feedback. 

It’s best to simplify everything, from guidelines on how to access Trustpilot to steps to leave a review. See the reference from our simple example below:

Postcard written Thank You for your order and ask customer to leave a review
Postcard to thanks customer and ask them for review


As a business, you can rely on Trustpilot reviews to build and consolidate the belief in customers. The more positive reviews you receive, the more reliable your company is. 

By applying one of the abovementioned ways, you can easily get more Trustpilot reviews. It doesn’t take much time, so you can choose any effective method, depending on your needs and preferences. Success ahead!


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