8 Steps How to Get Trustpilot Reviews for Your Business

Last updated October 25, 2023

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Customers rely on online reviews to make purchasing decisions. In fact, studies show that nearly 90% of consumers read reviews before making a purchase, and most trust them as much as personal recommendations. As such, getting positive reviews on Trustpilot can be a powerful way to improve your business’s reputation and attract new customers.

But how do you go about getting Trustpilot reviews? In this post, we’ll outline seven steps you can take to encourage customers to leave reviews on Trustpilot and improve your business’s online presence.

Step 1: Create a Trustpilot Account

The first step in getting Trustpilot reviews is to create an account on the platform. This will allow you to claim your business profile and start managing your online reputation.

To create a Trustpilot account, simply visit the Trustpilot website and click on the “Get Started” button. From there, you’ll be prompted to enter your email address and create a password. You’ll also need to select whether you’re a business owner or a consumer.

Once you’ve created your account, you’ll need to claim your business profile by verifying that you own the business. This process typically involves providing some basic information about your business, such as your company name, address, and phone number.

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Trustpilot reviews
Trustpilot reviews

Step 2: Set up Review Invitations

One of the easiest ways to get more Trustpilot reviews is to send out review invitations to your customers. Trustpilot offers a variety of tools that allow you to automate this process and make it easier for customers to leave reviews.

To set up review invitations, you’ll need to integrate your Trustpilot account with your customer relationship management (CRM) system or email marketing software. This will allow you to automatically send review invitations to customers after they make a purchase or engage with your business in some other way.

Trustpilot also offers a variety of templates and customization options that allow you to create review invitations that match your brand’s voice and style. You can customize the invitation email, landing page, and even the thank-you message customers receive after leaving a review.

Step 3: Encourage Customers to Leave Reviews

Once you’ve set up your review invitations, it’s important to encourage customers to actually leave reviews. There are several strategies you can use to do this:

  • Ask for reviews in person: If you have a brick-and-mortar store or interact with customers face-to-face, consider asking them to leave a review on Trustpilot. You could include a note on their receipt or verbally ask them to leave a review.
  • Send follow-up emails: After sending out review invitations, be sure to follow up with customers who haven’t yet left a review. You could send a friendly email reminder or offer an incentive (such as a discount code) to encourage them to take the time to leave a review.
  • Respond to existing reviews: When customers see that you’re actively engaged with reviews on Trustpilot, they may be more likely to leave a review themselves. Be sure to respond to all reviews (both positive and negative) in a timely and professional manner.

TrustPilot 2 - 8 Steps How to Get Trustpilot Reviews for Your Business

Step 4: Respond to Reviews

Speaking of responding to reviews, it’s important to make sure you’re doing so in a way that shows you value customer feedback and are committed to improving your business.

When responding to reviews on Trustpilot, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Thank the reviewer for their feedback
  • Address any specific concerns or issues raised in the review
  • Apologize if necessary and offer a solution to the problem
  • Invite the reviewer to contact you directly if they’d like to discuss the issue further

By responding to reviews in a thoughtful and constructive way, you can not only improve your online reputation but also build stronger relationships with your customers.

Step 5: Use Trustpilot Widgets and Badges

Trustpilot offers a variety of widgets and badges that you can use to showcase your Trustpilot reviews on your website and other marketing materials. By displaying these widgets and badges, you can help build trust with potential customers and show that your business has a strong reputation on Trustpilot.

To add Trustpilot widgets and badges to your website, simply log in to your Trustpilot account and navigate to the “Widgets & API” section. From there, you can choose from a variety of options, such as review carousels, TrustBoxes, and more.

Trustpilot Widget

Step 6: Include Trustpilot Reviews on Your Website

In addition to using Trustpilot widgets and badges, it’s also a good idea to include Trustpilot reviews directly on your website. This can help build trust with potential customers and make it easier for them to see what others have to say about your business.

To do this, simply copy and paste the code for the Trustpilot widget or badge you want to your website’s HTML code. You can add reviews to your home page, product pages, or any other relevant pages on your site.

Step 7: Share Reviews on Social Media

It’s a good idea to share your Trustpilot reviews on social media. This can help increase your reach and attract new customers who may not have found you otherwise.

To share your reviews on social media, simply copy and paste the review text or screenshot into your social media posts. Be sure to tag Trustpilot (@Trustpilot) in your posts so they can see and potentially share your content as well.

Share reviews on social media
Share reviews on social media

Step 8: Buy Trustpilot Reviews to boost more Reviews

Finally, one of the most effective ways to quickly enhance your rating is by buy trustpilot reviews. Trusted providers like EazyViral offer a quick, reliable, and ethical way to increase your Trustpilot reviews count. By investing in this service, you can rapidly attain a 5-star rating, enhancing your brand’s credibility and reaching out to a wider audience. Remember that the more positive reviews you have, the more customers will trust and choose your business. Make sure to check out EazyViral’s services and empower your business growth today.


Getting Trustpilot reviews is an important part of managing your online reputation and attracting new customers. By following these seven steps, you can encourage more customers to leave reviews on Trustpilot and showcase your business’s strong reputation to potential customers.

Remember, the key to success on Trustpilot (and any other review platform) is to provide excellent customer service and respond thoughtfully to feedback. By doing so, you can build trust with your customers and create a loyal following that will help drive your business forward.


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