Is Trustpilot Legit? Can Its Reviews Boost Your Credibility?

Last updated November 15, 2023

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Trustpilot is a well-established website that consumers turn to whenever they want to make a purchase. However, the question arises: is Trustpilot legit? Despite its longstanding presence, doubts still swirl around the trustworthiness of this review site. This suspicion prompts us to craft this article to clarify this matter; continue reading to unveil the truth!

What Is Trustpilot?

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Trustpilot is a longstanding review site – Source: Flickr.

Founded in 2007, Trustpilot has established itself as one of the leading review sites where consumers share their thoughts on the products or services they’ve used. This community is open to everyone at zero cost, and users can find reviews on various categories from numerous companies.

Trustpilot is also a hub for buyers to gather feedback on the product they want to buy before making purchase decisions. This site acts as a bridge between consumers and businesses, welcoming people from all walks of life worldwide.

Whether you are a customer or a company, just create a free account using authentic email addresses to upload feedback or respond to reviews on the website. 

For those wanting to scour the platform to read reviews only, you can search for the category of the product/service or the company name to access thousands of users’ reviews without signing up. However, is Trustpilot legitimate?

Is Trustpilot Legit?

Is Trustpilot a legit site? With more than 15 years of operation, it’s safe to say that Trustpilot is a trustworthy review website. Their reviews come from real users who share their hands-on experiences with products or services. 

However, it’s worth noting that users’ feedback is more about personal opinions, so we advise looking at them from different angles. Overall, you can trust this site to gain a rough idea about a product thanks to three factors as follows:

A Large Community Of Verified Reviewers

All reviewers and businesses are required to verify their identity when signing up at Trustpilot. This builds an active community, assuring consumers that they are reading feedback from real users and helping them make decisions with more confidence. 

Online retailers with unclaimed or unverified profiles, as well as those not regularly responding to their buyers’ reviews, will not receive high scores on Trustpilot.

Be Open And Transparent

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You can rely on Trustpilot reviews – Source: Finance Strategies.

Is Trustpilot reliable? Yes, as its name implies, “trust” is always the core of its development. 

To ensure authenticity, the platform doesn’t apply censorship to its reviews, so users’ genuine feedback will be posted as is. Additionally, companies are treated the same and are not allowed to pay to remove negative reviews on the website.

Trustpilot enables any user or company to flag or report a shady review that goes against their terms of use. It also goes the extra mile to maintain transparency. Their dedicated team will investigate those flagged reviews every day to determine their validity and delete them if needed. 

Suppose there are signs of someone manipulating or abusing the flagging tool; Trustpilot will promptly address the issues.

Pursue Integrity And Professionalism

Trustpilot integrates a so-called fraud detection software that runs 24/7 to scan through, detect, and remove any fake reviews on the website. 

The software will examine unusual patterns or IP addresses and represent the likelihood of an unauthentic review by a “fake score.” Their experts will also work in conjunction with this automated algorithm to investigate misuse or fraudulent behaviors on the platform and take further actions.

Trustpilot has established clear and easy-to-understand guidelines for both reviewers and businesses within its community. These guidelines are designed to minimize the presence of fake reviews, and all community members can easily follow them.

Businesses that fail to adhere to the guidelines will be blacklisted in Consumer Warnings so that consumers can steer clear of them. Discipline actions, like terminating contracts or blocking user accounts, will be implemented to uphold the integrity and professionalism of the website.

Are There Any Fake Reviews On Trustpilot?

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Check the language of the review – Source: Flickr.

Is Trustpilot trustworthy? Yes, but chances of spam comments do exist. With over 100 million reviews, Trustpilot fraud detection software and its expert team might sometimes miss out on some fake reviews. Here are some tips to identify unauthentic feedback on this platform:

  • Many comments in a short time: This is the first red flag to be aware of. A company page flooded with numerous bad or good consumer reviews in a short time is far from reliable.
  • Check other comments of that reviewer: If a member has shared his thoughts on various companies and categories, they are more likely a real user. Those with profiles showing limited activity or writing reviews on a sole product or a company tend to be fake reviewers hired by a business.
  • Pay attention to the language: A review full of grammatical errors, using similar language patterns, lacking details, or being overly positive/negative is typically not organic.
  • Check the company’s profile: You can take an extra step by skimming over details in the Business Transparency section to determine the validity of reviews on the company’s page. 

How Do Reviews On Trustpilot Help Your Business?

According to BrightLocal, 58% of buyers form a positive impression about a company with positive reviews. This underscores the importance of favorable feedback, which can significantly drive sales for a business.

Trustpilot is the go-to choice if you want to define and enhance your online presence, ultimately establishing credibility. Reviews on this website serve as testimonials, further boosting your brand’s legitimacy and recognition.

Creating an account on this platform opens the gate for your buyers to leave comments about your products or services, somehow blurring the gap between consumers and businesses. Responding to comments on Trustpilot also strengthens customer engagement, making them feel valued.

That said, gaining positive feedback on this site is not an easy feat. If you are starting out and feel perplexed, EazyViral has come to the rescue. You can buy organic Trustpilot reviews from verified users to boost your business’ trustworthiness naturally. Contact us for more details!

Final Words

Is Trustpilot legit? We could say that it is a reliable review platform where consumers can share their genuine feedback, and businesses can improve their products/services for a better buying experience. If you want to secure a high rating on this site, reach out to EazyViral for help!


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