How To Schedule Videos On YouTube With Simple Steps

Last updated August 07, 2021

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How To Schedule Videos On YouTube

Every new YouTuber knows the exciting feeling of having just created a complete video and the irresistible urge to upload it to their channel on the spot. This lack of planning is not a big deal for small channels. But as your audience grows, you should learn how to schedule videos on YouTube.

This strategy is especially useful if content creating is your dream full-time job. By resisting that temptation and utilizing some steps below, you could optimize your effort and keep viewers interested in your channel at all times.

Why Should You Schedule Your YouTube Videos?

There are many benefits of putting YouTube videos on a schedule instead of publishing them right away that many content creators aren’t aware of.

Scheduling is the most important feature when it comes to the planning of content portals like YouTube channels.

Scheduling makes your video production easier
Scheduling makes your video production easier

It’s a godsend for creators when they need to match the production and publishing, which usually are challenging to keep in sync with each other.

On a good day, you can record and complete the editing of several videos with properly prepared scripts and studio setups.

But nobody would be happy to see a huge amount of videos from the same YouTuber dumped into their feeds at once – that is no less than spamming.

A decent uploading arrangement needs to allow for appropriate periods between videos so your viewers could have enough time to explore and consume your content.

Each video in your batch will also have a better chance to shine, avoiding the likely scenario in which your own clips have to compete with each other to gain Watch Time from subscribers.

Additionally, scheduling makes it possible for YouTubers to take a rest, but their channels still appear active during the off-time.

Even the most productive creators still require substantial breathing space to recharge their creativity and plan on what to do next.

With some pre-recorded videos ready for publication at any time, you don’t need to worry about your subscribers losing interest in your channel.

Just line up all the videos you have produced in advance in the YouTube dashboard, and you will have peace of mind during your break.

Scheduling uploads allows you to take a rest from making videos
Scheduling uploads allows you to take a rest from making videos

Setting up an exact publishing date and time is also a must for reviewers and critics on YouTube.

They often receive a test product from manufacturers and authors (books, movies, smartphones, headphones, etc.) way before the launch day so they can have enough time to examine them.

But coming with those samples is usually a press embargo that strictly forbids the reviewers to publish the content before a certain date.

It would be too late for channel owners to wait for the end of the embargo to upload their videos.

The ideal solution is to take your sweet time to examine the products, record your thoughts, finalize the editing, and schedule it in accordance with the embargo.

How To Schedule Videos On YouTube

You don’t need to rely on any third-party tool to set out the date and time your videos should appear on your channel. The YouTube website or mobile app is everything you need.

Schedule Videos With YouTube Website

Log in to YouTube Studio using your channel’s account details. Click on the CREATE button on the top right corner, right next to your account profile.

Schedule Videos With YouTube Website
Choose CREATE on YouTube Studio

Choose “SELECT FILES” and pick the video you have prepared on your computer.

Fill in details of your upload, including the title, description, which playlist it should belong to, and whether your clip is made for kids, and all that. Click NEXT at the bottom right when you’re done.

Add details to your video
Add details to your video

In the next two dialogs, you can add subtitles, cards, end screens and see whether YouTube has detected any copyright issues with your file. Double-check and click NEXT if everything is correct.

In the final screen, choose the second option (Schedule) and set the date and time you need your video to be revealed on your channel. Make sure the time zone is correct.

How To Schedule Videos On YouTube
Schedule your video in the Visibility settings

Set it as a Premiere so your viewers could watch it as a live stream for the first time.

Choose SCHEDULE. A confirmation dialog with the date and time of your scheduled video will appear.

Edit The Time And Date Of A Scheduled Video

If you change your mind about the uploading plan or realize you have set the wrong publishing time for your video, don’t worry. YouTube allows you to change and even cancel scheduled videos.


Choose your video in the Content tab
Choose your video in the Content tab

From YouTube Studio, select the Content tab on the left-side panel. Click on the Visibility section of your scheduled video.

A dialog will pop up, allowing you to set a new time and date or publish it immediately. Click SCHEDULE after changing it to the new uploading time.

Schedule Videos With The YouTube Mobile App

Tap the big plus (+) icon at the bottom of the app and select Upload a video. Select the file you need to upload and tap NEXT on the top right corner.

In the details screen, tap Public to change this visibility setting. Set it to Schedule and choose the time and date for your upload.

Fill in other details of your video and finally choose UPLOAD to add it to your uploading schedule.

Tips On Scheduling YouTube Videos

Frequent publishing is a huge characteristic of YouTube content, and having a good grasp of it will keep your audience entertained and help your channel take flight. Here are some essential recommendations.

Schedule around events: Depending on the content of your channel, always plan and make videos in advance before important days come.

For example, a gaming creator should be aware of game and hardware launches and conventions and prepare new content for those events. Search traffic usually spikes in those days – an opportunity you should never miss.

Schedule your videos around important events

Use Premieres for special content: This new feature of YouTube creates a chance for fans to wait for and watch important videos together. It can create a buzz among your subscribers and increase the exposure of your uploads.

Test different dates: Find out the most active time of your audience by trying out different upload days. Understanding the best time to upload to YouTube will give your videos the biggest chance to succeed.


A random video on a random day could be fine for some types of content, especially when they’re vlogs for personal thoughts. But for bigger channels owned by professional content creators, better planning strategies is inevitable.

Learning how to schedule videos on YouTube is the best way to reach more views, avoid overwhelming viewers, and allow for more flexible content production.


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