What Are The Requirements To Monetize Your Youtube Channel

Youtube is one of the most social platforms if you look at the last decade. You may wonder how a small idea transformed into the largest video content hosting website. It did not happen overnight, it took the platform some time, but once the platform started blooming, there is no looking back.

Youtube has impacted many fields as the second largest and most visited website in the world. It enables the successful distribution of informational, engaging, light content for everyone ranging from universities to students, businesses, and employees.

Besides that, YouTube has also enabled small to medium businesses to reach their customers without spending hundreds of dollars on marketing. But here’s the best part; not only can you promote your business, but you can also earn money from it.

That’s right; one of the biggest advantages of YouTube is that it allows you to monetize your videos. Youtube adds some targeted ads to every video you upload if it complies with their community guidelines. No, the ads do not interfere with your videos; in fact, your content receives more clicks, which means more money pouring in for you.


What are the requirements to monetize your YouTube channel?

Benefits of Monetization

Speaking of the benefits of YouTube Monetization, the best part is that Google manages the partner program for you. From ad placement to collecting revenues and payments, Google will handle it all for you to ensure a safe and secure monetization scheme for you. Besides this, there are several other benefits for you:

  •     You earn for every person who watches your video
  •     You can prevent others from using and uploading your videos on YouTube
  •     You receive 92% of the total revenue generated through your videos
  •     Monetizing the entire release
  •     YouTube is one of the largest online communities, so it gives you a chance to expand your earning capacity.
  •     You can manage and track your current performance with the reports and insights and improve your content as well.

What Are The Requirements To Monetize Your Youtube Channel

To get access to the special features of YouTube, you need to be a partner of Youtube. Youtube partners have complete access to Youtube’s income streams, not just the ads such as premium subscription fee, and features like Super Chat, channel memberships and much more.

Youtube partner program is a blessing for everyone who is looking to monetize their YouTube channel easily. It not only brings more opportunities but also gives more features.

You can sign up for the Partner program in up to 60 countries now but before that, you have to make sure you meet the YouTube partnership criteria.


What are the requirements to monetize your YouTube channel?

Criteria To Become a YouTube Partner

You can monetize your YouTube channel if you meet the following criteria set out by YouTube:

1.  The program is launched in your country

First and foremost, to monetize your channel through the YouTube partnership program, your account needs to be originated from one of the sixty countries that support it. Now, to make sure that the program has launched in your country, you need to check from your monetization settings.

 2.  Compliance with Terms of Service 

It goes without saying that to get your channel monetized, your channel and your content must adhere to YouTube’s program policies, terms of services and community guidelines.

3.  Good standing

If you have ever tried to monetize a channel that featured a video they do not own, or you don’t have the right to upload, your channel may be disabled for monetization. This results in bad standing and may prevent your channel from being monetized again. Furthermore, a severe violation of the policies may also result in permanent disability from monetization. If your account is in good standing and fulfills other criteria, you are eligible for monetization.

4.  Original Content

Advertiser-friendly original content is one of the requirements to monetize your YouTube channel.

5.  AdSense Account

To get paid, you need an AdSense account to be linked to your account. You can check out the Adsense program policies here.

6.  4000 watch hours in the last 12 months, and a 1000 subscribers

When YouTube access the channels for the program, they need to see you create content. If you have reached the threshold of 4000 watch hours and a 1000 subscribers, it means that you have created content, and you meet the policies and guidelines.

If you meet all these criteria, your YouTube account can earn you money. However, in some countries, you may still need to apply for monetization through an application form.


What are the requirements to monetize your YouTube channel?

How to Set Up Channel for Monetization

Once you have seen if your channel is eligible for monetization, all you need to do is enable it. To do so, see the following steps:

  1.   Go to the monetization tab in your Account settings of YouTube
  2.   Click on the tab called “Enable My Account.” It is important to know that you will see this option only if you have good standing.
  3.   Follow the steps and enable your account.

What are the requirements to monetize your YouTube channel?

Congratulations, you are all set to use your YouTube account to earn money! Let us know if you have any questions about this. Don’t have 4000 watch hours, we at Eazyviral have got you covered; buy from us! Cheers!

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