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We have 2 plans for Ads Promotion, depending on your video duration:

1) Your channel must have at least 1 video with 60-120 minutes long.

2) Your channel must have at least 1 video with 4-5 minutes long. 

✔ Delivery time: 5 – 14 days

✔ 100% Real Views for watch hours and Real Subscribers from Social Media and Google Ads Campaign

✔ Safe & Proven Marketing Techniques

✔ 100% Guaranteed Satisfaction

✔ 100% Legal With Youtube Policy

✔ 100% Money-Back Guarantee


Are you frustrated that you won’t be able to generate revenue from displaying Adsense Ads on your YouTube Channel unless you have 4,000 hours of watch time or 1,000 subscribers within the past 12 months?

If your channel has too slow and challenging startups, you spend too much time on video production and still have no views and no subscribers. No need to worry anymore, we have helped a lot of successful YouTube clients, push your channel to monetize, stop wasting your time. EazyViral offers 4,000 hours of viewing and 1,000 high-quality subscribers.

We’ll promote your videos and guarantee real, high quality of watch time, the biggest package is 4,000 watch hours on your channel. Actual turnaround time may vary based on your video.



EazyViral only provides high-quality subscribers and watch time to your Youtube channel, many of our customers get monetized. Please make sure you upload the required videos according to our conditions for the best results.

We offer 2000, 3000, 4000 hours so you can easily choose the package fit with your plan.

100% Safe and Legal

Your channel safe with our services, we follow Youtube rules and using their services that is Google Ads.

If your content good enough, your channel will be able to monetize in the near future 🙂

What Can I Expect From EazyViral 4,000 Watch Hours Service?

✔ 4,000+ Watch time High-Quality, 100% Real Views
✔ Your order is secret, no one knows that you buy watch hours

✔ Our Youtube watch hours can help your channel meet the requirements for review the monetization enable. Many customers using our service feedback that their channel gets enabled for monetization.

✔ Delivery time 2 – 4 weeks, depending on your videos

What I Need To Prepare?

✔ Your channel should have more than 10 videos before click review for enable monetization.

✔ Your content should be

– Follow YouTube Community Guidelines.
– Create all elements of the video yourself, such as daily vlogs and home videos, do-it-yourself videos and tutorials, original music videos, original short films.
– Make sure you own all the necessary rights to commercially use all visuals created by you.

How to enable monetization on Youtube

Step 1: Sign in to your YouTube channel, go to Creator Studio and select the Status and Features section

Press Enable in Monetization, if you have not selected country location then Youtube will ask you to choose before registering for monetization.

Step 2: Activate monetization through 4 steps

1 – Read and accept the YouTube Partner Program terms.

2 – Sign up for an AdSense account

3 – Set monetization options

4 – Wait for YouTube to verify that your channel is eligible to enable monetization. Your content needs to comply with YouTube’s policy to enable monetization.


According to Youtube

For those of you who still see “channel under review” in Creator!

You are first time applicant to the YouTube Partner Program and want to monetize:

If you see “Channel Under Review” in Creator Studio this means either:

    1. You have applied to Youtube Partnet Program for the first time and you’re under initial review. If your channel meets Youtube program policies, you should hear back in about one month.
    2. You had an initial review and are now in a secondary review. This means Youtube’s review team has not come to a clear decision during the initial review, so we’re putting extra effort and resources into reviewing your channel multiple times before making a final decision.

Your channel was previously monetizing and you’re re-applying for the YouTube Partner Program:

If you were previously monetizing, were removed from Youtube Partner Program, and have waited 30 days to re-apply, you should hear back in about one month.

Successful on Enable Monetization

Many of our customers succeed in their Youtuber life, we help your channel grow up in the right way, don’t hesitate to start your business today, right now!

Customers Reviews

(26 customer reviews)

26 reviews for Buy 4000 Hours Youtube Watch Time + 1000 Subscribers For Monetization

  1. Mohamed Bah

    Just testing if this is not fake

  2. Maaz (verified owner)

    Excellent communication and great service. Highly recommended!
    delivered what they promised.

  3. Martin Moreno (verified owner)

    Great service absolutely recommend

  4. Martin Moreno (verified owner)

    This service is outstanding I got over 1000 watch hours in just one day. If you’re looking to monetize your channel I highly recommend you use this service it’s a 10/10 5 stars.

  5. Junior (verified owner)

    My channel monetized with this service, woww, Good job and Thanks you so much. channel monetized very faster.

  6. Deepak Bhabar (verified owner)

    monetization now nice job

  7. Ethan Mark (verified owner)

    They promoted my videos with video ads on Youtube, my friend saw my video and told me that :), I’m very satisfied with this service, they using real views on my channel. Many thanks!!!!

  8. Thom

    planing to buy youtube hours, not sure if it’s trusted provider, checking if this comment go straight away to review.

  9. Charles Java

    My order for watch time stuck somehow :/, I was scared and I try to contact them for fix it, they was response very fast and fix the problem immediately. The watch time is good, now I’m only waiting for the channel approve…..CHEER!! thank you eazyviral, good service as you promise

  10. Ling Zhang

    I’m very happy when bought 4000 watch time from this company. Kieu is very knowledge and he is an expert on Youtube, finally my channel can earn money, thank you so much!!!!!!!! I’m very high recommended this company!

  11. Maksim Maksim

    Got 1000 subs in very short time, will order more 4k hours :). Thanks for the coupon code

  12. Md Saidur Rahman

    Hello, This is my real reviews on EazyViral. The supporter is an expert, and he is professional, he help me every question I have, he help me solve the problem on Youtube, he also have support in Skype fast response and REAL service!!!! If I can give 10 stars then I will. Very recommended this provider for you guys…Will definitely buy more!

  13. my channel name is; lajupog sermons and animals

    2000 watch hour for my channel within 3 days

  14. Somani

    Very good company, awesome supporter.

  15. RoB

    Enabled monetization for my channel with this service, excellent works — many thanks

  16. Remon Abdo

    My channel monetized, Thanks!

  17. Surga B

    The watch hours increase gradually on all of my videos. This service is great, fast support answer

  18. Eun

    나는 4000 시간을 샀고 정말 효과적이었다.

  19. LeminoT

    This is my favorite provider for watch hours on my Youtube channels, they’re professional, fast results and guaranteed. Don’t lose your money on cheap service.


    I love this place. Ordered watch time for my 8 channels, 5 approved for monetization, 3 in reviews, will order more. Thank you EazyViral 🙂

  21. Sahil saifi

    I have no money. I have only 1500 rupee only please give me 4k watch hour

  22. Monica Bansal

    Fast delivery, good results. Greeting from India

  23. XinZhan Wang

    It’s lost many time but I still not have enough 4k watch hours. Ordered 4k hours from this website and get enough 5 days later. Now Youtube reviewing my channel for monetization, hopefully everything go well. Thanks

  24. Dee Kyo

    Amazing service. Best in the market! Thank you EazyViral my channel approved for monetization

  25. Duppy

    Just started out my YouTube gaming channel, bought 1000 subs and it works, fast delivery and my channel finally enabled for monetization. My Youtuber dream come true, thank you EazyViral!!! <3

  26. Mai Dai Phong

    I got 4k watch hours on my video and my channel get enabled for monetization, this service is working!!! thanks

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