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Highest quality watch hours in the market
Quality is a top priority, we provide watch time for your YouTube channel with high quality and reliability with Organic traffic sources, ensure your channel gets the best watch hours.
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Working with any YouTube channel

One of the most common questions is "Can I purchase and use Watch Hours service for my channel ?". Unlike other providers that need many conditions to launch, EazyViral can run Watch Hours for any YouTube channel, all you need is a video with 5 minutes or more in length.

Watch time spreads out in many videos

By default, we will select the most appropriate videos on your channel to increase watch time, but if you wish you can still select your favorite video list and send it to us, we will increase the watch hours on the videos you request. To do that, paste the video's link into the "Order notes" section of the Checkout

Safe & proven marketing techniques

With modern and proven communication techniques. Besides, with the experience of serving thousands of customers, we are committed to ensuring your channel is completely safe using all our services.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We always put customer satisfaction criteria first.

Our commitment:

- For regular orders, 100% refund if we are unable to complete your order within 30 days.
- For orders with special requirements running slowly, 100% refund if we are unable to complete the order within the estimated time.

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Common Problems With Youtube’s Watch Hours

Low Watch Hours, Low Views 


Most Youtubers get off to a rough start in their journey. It’s frustrating to see your view counts and the number of subscribers get stuck in a standstill while you don’t know how to make your new channel stand out from the enormous amount of new videos uploaded to Youtube every day.

No Resources To Build More Channels 


Going for multiple channels is the new way to reach your full potential in the industry of content creating. But with your original channel having slow growth, this is simply out of the question.

Take Up A Lot of Your Time

A simple 10-minute video alone can take several days to make. Not everyone can afford to sit around waiting before they can start to earn money from their channel, especially when there are a lot of other things you need to do.

Your Money Becomes Wasteful

Traditional marketing methods for Youtube content are costly these days. And even if you have a deep pocket, there is still no guarantee that they will work with your channel and bring more views.

Why You Should Buy 4000 YouTube Watch Time Hours and 1000 Subscribers For Monetization ?

Get Your Channel Monetized Faster


Youtube requires your channel to gain at least 4000 hours and 1000 subscribers within the past 12 months before you can apply for monetization. Why wait if you can get those numbers elsewhere?

Get An Easy Start


A smooth start is a basic foundation for future success, so don't let those early hassles hamper your progress. The interactions from those 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers will establish a strong kick-off so you can get more audience later. Isn’t this fantastic?

Have More Time For Your Content


The service provider should take those responsibilities off your hands and handle everything for you, allowing you to have a clear mind and more time to focus on the next videos of your channel.

Opportunity To Create Additional Channels


Once the first channel stops giving you a headache and has begun to make money, you can start to think about the other ideas of your next channels. And then, soon, your YouTube career is going to take a turn for the better!

How Long Does It Take to Enable Monetization on YouTube?

In the past, it may take anywhere between a couple of weeks and several months for Youtube to approve your application once your channel has met all the requirements for monetization laid down by Youtube. But recently, as far as our experience goes, and according to most cases we work with, it will only take the platform 2 day, or 7 at most, to go through all the essential procedures and approve your channel for monetization.

While this is indeed a significant improvement on Youtube’s side, the real challenge is still the process of building the needed number of watch hours and subscribers. If you don't know how to do it properly, many years have passed, and your channel may still not catch any attention from viewers, let alone thinking about monetization.

How To Accelerate This Process

Follow Youtube’s Guidelines and Rules


The best way is to create valuable content for viewers while following all the rules set by Youtube itself, especially when it comes to monetization and content policies. By doing it, you will increase the chance of getting approved for monetization.

Buy 4000 Watch Hours and 1000 Subscribers


The final secret to a fast monetization process is to buy the necessary amount of watch hours and subscribers from a reputable provider instead of doing it by yourself. And guess what, you can buy 4000 hours watch time and 1000 subscribers from EazyViral!


Of course, the cost would be somewhat, or in some cases, alot, higher than taking on the job all by yourself. But hey, nothing good comes free! And if paying a considerable sum today guarantees a motherload will come knocking on your door tomorrow, there is no reason to say no, right?

Optimize It Before Enabling Monetization


Apart from the content itself, you also need optimization - which is usually a challenge for newcomers. Everything in your channel, from the banner, keywords to descriptions and settings, should be finely tuned before monetization.

Why Choose EazyViral?

We at EazyViral have got tons of years working in this competitive YouTube ranking field, and yet we still come out on top. You can rest assured that we know exactly what we are doing and the perks we bombard your channel with cannot be achieved elsewhere. Countless YouTubers have got their money making system a massive boost upon reaching out to us, and none ever complain. We have pulled several channels from rock bottom to somewhere close to the top, and we can do the same for yours!

Here are some reasons customers keep coming back to our website to buy YouTube watch hours and several things YouTube-related.

Reliable Refill Guarantee and Warranty


If your channel doesn’t get the promised watch hours or subscribers within the estimated delivery time, you will have the right to claim a refund.

Positive Feedback


We are among the highest-rated providers available in the market with numerous customers getting successful monetization after buying watch hours and subscribers from us. Let your channel be the next one!

Responsive Customer Support

Our 24/7 support staff is ready to provide helpful and professional assistance anytime you have a question or need to tackle a problem.

Organic Growth

Youtube has a strong policy against artificial engagement. We will make sure that all videos on your channel will get only natural and legitimate views. No illegitimate actions involved - you can have our words on this!

Services We Offer

Yearning for massive watch hours but your channel does not seem to be doing a productive job? Then go to us and we will let you gain more watch hours to build up momentum and get an early monetization approval.

Buy Watch Hours


Yearning for massive watch hours but your channel does not seem to be doing a productive job? Then go to us and we will let you gain more watch hours to build up momentum and get an early monetization approval.

Buy Watch Hours. Buy Monetized Youtube Channel


Once you leave your channel in our hand, we will bring to you an even better kick-off and start to earn money right away with an already monetized Youtube.

Buy Youtube Views


Boost views and watch hours for any specific video to make it more popular and get ahead of your competitors - Is that the dream of your life? Actualize it with our service straight away!

Buy Youtube Likes / Dislikes


We also grant you a chance to increase the number of interactions in your videos and maintain a credible engagement. Not many services out there can pull this off!

Buy Real YouTube Subscribers


EazyViral is going to give you a hand should your goal is to build your audience base with real subscribers to accelerate the growth of your channel. Isn’t this great?


Can I buy 4000 watch hours on YouTube?

Yes, you can totally do that. With a trustworthy provider like EazyViral, your channel will have a chance to buy 4000 YouTube watch hours distributed among your videos in an organic way. YouTube will never be able to tell the difference between these and the views obtained with the usual manner.

What does it mean to have 4000 watch hours?

This amount of watch time is one of the basic requirements if you want to monetize your channel. It’s counted as the time viewers have spent watching the videos in your channel within the last 12 months.

Do your 4000 watch hours come with any warranty?

Our goal is to become the best provider of 4000 Youtube watch hours in the market. In order to reach this goal, we give a lifetime warranty when you buy this service from us. Whenever you have a question or problem, feel free to contact our support staff, who will do their best to assist you in solving the issue.

How long does it take to get 4000 watch hours for my channel?

Depending on the lengths of your videos, the estimated delivery time is usually between 7 and 14 days.

3 reviews for Buy 4000 Watch Hours on YouTube FAST for Monetization | EazyViral

  1. Tayler Haughey

    Tayler Haughey (verified owner)

    Bought some watch time for 4,000 for my channel, it’s great and my channel got approved. Many Thanks to EazyViral!!!

  2. Billy Liebler

    I think I’m going for the 3k watch hours can anyone prove it’s legit?

    • Nhat Kieu

      Nhat Kieu

      Hi Billy,

      Our watch hours service is high-quality and legit, many customers successful, 100% money-back guaranteed! Here, you can take a look.

      Kieu Nhat – EazyViral

  3. skyline

    Not cheap, but after checking my channel analytics I can tell their service looking real traffic. If you want to get something organic then go with this service

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