7 Tips To Make Money On Youtube For Beginner

Youtube is a social network that is familiar with billions of users every day. If you are reading this article, we are sure that you are also one of the people watching youtube regularly. You have heard the concept of monetization on youtube. If you notice when viewing youtube, you will see videos or images of ads intervene. It is an expensive form of advertising that Brands pay YouTube for promoting their products and brands. If you are a beginner looking for monetization on YouTube, this article will be incredibly useful for you. This article is about to share with you 7 tips to make money on youtube for the beginner. 

Is it difficult to make money on YouTube for beginners?

“Make money on YouTube for beginner” is the most popular keyword for searching. Earning money on YouTube grows strong and attracts a lot of people. However, this job is quite ambiguous for the beginner. Many people don’t know much about the information. They even think that making money on YouTube is extraordinary and incredible. According to youtube’ s statistics, more than 1 billion viewers watch youtube each day and that figure is still increasing. The number of profits from making money on YouTube can be up to thousands, even millions USD per year. Youtuber with the highest number of subscribers on youtube is Pewdiepie. The income that Pewdiepie collects each year is estimated at $20 million. 

Youtube will pay people that create special content with high social interaction on their videos. Sometimes, some YouTubers no longer publish new videos, but they still receive money from YouTube every month. 

Firstly, you need to get 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours to enable monetization on youtube. To be able to earn money from YouTube, the videos that you upload not only to attract a lot of viewers but also engage viewers who are highly interactive with video ads. That means people who watch videos on your channel must click view ads before clicking the skip button. 

Share with you 7 tips to make money on youtube for beginner

1. Sales through Youtube

As far as you know, Youtube is the world’s second most popular society only after Facebook. People use youtube not only for entertainment purposes but also to improve their knowledge, such as instructional videos, review videos, sales videos, etc. That’s why youtube has become an effective sales channel. You can go further by building your brand and selling your useful products. Making money on Youtube has become a familiar job and gets the major participation of salespeople.  

2. Make money on YouTube for beginner through Google Adsense

Youtube is owned by Google. Google Adsense is the place for Google to serve ads to all of its units, including YouTube. This is also where you receive advertising money from YouTube and withdraw from your account. The login is very simple, you just need to click on Google Adsense and then log in with your Gmail account. When you watch a video on Youtube, you will frequently see YouTube ads. Google will gain money from companies or individuals who hire ads, as if those ads appear on your Youtube channel, you will be shared a part of revenue. The usual revenue rate would be 45% for Google, 55% for you. The measure of the advertising revenue you receive on Youtube is the ratio to the number of times people watch your videos and the number of people who click on the ads (CPC: cost per click). When people see without clicking on the ad, you will still receive money, but that amount will be lower when someone clicks on the ad. In case your channel viewers click on ads and then purchase, you get more money. However, to enable your channel for monetization via Google AdSense, you need to get 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours.

3. Make money from Network Youtube

Network Youtube is an intermediary company that has been approved by YouTube to license the management of copyright in the content of videos. It is responsible for protecting the copyright of videos belonging to the network. Network registration has some other terms than google Adsense. The network will pay you through PayPal or transfers via bank cards. Payment from Youtube is faster than Google AdSense. It doesn’t need to reach $100. To sign up for a NetWork channel, you need to have good content and a certain number of views.

4. Make money with content creation, shooting, editing video for YouTubers

YouTubers will need your help to prepare for the scenario and build a professional video. This is the job of making money indirectly through YouTube. The people who pay you are YouTubers. All you need to do is improve the skills of content writing, technology such as shooting and editing videos, choosing music to make videos. You have to concentrate on both attractive content and good images.

5. Make money on YouTube for beginner with Affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most popular and effective marketing methods today. Affiliate Marketing is a form of publicity in which people with their Youtube channel will go to promote the products of e-commerce channels and when someone purchases via your affiliate link, you will be paid a commission for that order. You can create rich content such as product review videos, providing viewers with information about the product of the most honest way. You can suggest a purchase by placing a link below the description of the video or letting it appear most naturally in your video.

This can be viewed as a good tip for YouTubers when youtube increasingly tightening the policy of making money through Adsense. 

6. Your supporters on Youtube

When your channel viewers are satisfied with the video content and feel great affection for you, they will support you. You know, many YouTubers, especially in the field of games, live-gamers are still getting a lot of money from the support of fans. You can get support from people through PayPal or transferring to bank cards. 

7. Make money from SEO YouTube keywords

If you know much about SEO YouTube work, you can do a keyword researcher for Youtuber. This is the job of searching and researching words or phrases that youtube users are most interested in finding. Optimized keywords will let the videos of the YouTuber up to the top. Therefore, you can make money from Youtube without uploading any videos. 

To make money on YouTube for beginners, a beginner has to study carefully the terms and policies of Youtube monetization. In the beginning, making money on YouTube for beginners can be difficult, the advice for you is not to get discouraged and do your best. 

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